Take the Quiz: The Malazan. This quiz is based on the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson and also includes his 2012 side book Forge of Darkness. Its relatively easy if you know your Malazan.


A.k.a. the big bastard with the hammer. (No, not Thor. Different dude; different hammer.) Caladan Brood doesn’t get all that much page time. Nonetheless, he’s a huge presence throughout the series…which, let’s face it, isn’t all that surprising when you take into account the fact that he’s a not-quite-human warlord carrying the only weapon capable of waking the Sleeping Goddess, Burn.

Death cannot be struggled against, brother. Kallor, from the Malazan Book of the Fallen. The High King The Unwitnessed |. Karsa Orlong Tattoo Quotes, Death, Fantasy, Books, Libros, Book, Fantasy. The Healthy Dead by Steven Erikson, 4.

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What is The Malazan Book Of The Fallen? I'd describe it as a very complex and ambitious adult epic fantasy series. I say adult not because there is a gratuitous amount of sex or violence (though there is a lot of violence) but because these books are complicated and intimidating to read Iskaral Pust | Malazan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia. 746 x 1071 jpeg 241kB. malazan.wikia.com This is the Dragon Age/Malazan Book of the Fallen AU that probably no one wanted but that I have had in my head for YEARS. In honor of Dragon 4ge Day and my finally getting my Malazan tattoo (on the same day!), here it is - a retelling of Dragon Age: Origins using the world building of Steven Erickson's Malazan series. 18.11.2017 - Erkunde Sigurd Odinsons Pinnwand „Malazan“ auf Pinterest.

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The three gathered together for the first time in millennia intending to liberate the people of Jacuruku from their cruel tyrant Kallor after the destruction wrought by the fall of the Crippled God. But Kallor had prepared for their arrival by spitefully incinerating the continent and killing his seven million citizens. Kallor says he will offer a clean death as tribute to the fact that Spinnock defended against him for so long. He admits Spinnock could have wounded him, but the Tiste Andii says he wasn’t there to I shall never forget the world's death cry - for it was the voice of my triumph” ― Kallor tags: kallor , malazan , memories-of-ice Kallor: High King; second-in-command of Caladan Brood's forces; immortal from the time of the Fall of the Crippled God, cursed never to ascend GotM, MoI, TH, RotCG: Kalt Urmanal: T'lan Imass DoD, CG: Kalyth: Elan; Destriant to the matron Gunth'an Acyl of the K'Chain Che'Malle DoD, CG: Kamist Reloe: Renegade Malazan High Mage, now a mage of the Welcome to the Malazan Reread of the Fallen!Every post will start off with a summary of events, followed by reaction and commentary by your hosts Bill and Amanda (with Amanda, new to the series Anyone Can Die: Slain by Kallor in Memories of Ice; Decoy Protagonist; Reasonable Authority Figure; Reassignment Backfire: Laseen demoted him to Sergeant and put him in the front lines at Pale and Darujhistan in an attempt to get him killed.

I'm conflicted about Kallor. He is a real bastard, but a LOT of really bad things happen to him. It may just be poetic justice, but it's no wonder he does so much awful stuff, considering how everything he does ends up failing horribly. I do respect him, but it's weird just how dangerous he is, since he has no real powers compared to the Ascended.

Fall of Light (1/10) - I skipped over all the chapters featuring Emral Lanear because it felt a boring, entry-level philosophy montage. Barely finished the book. The worst book in the Malazan universe ever written IMO. 1. What is The Malazan Book Of The Fallen? I'd describe it as a very complex and ambitious adult epic fantasy series.

His thought was that breathing in the fumes released by one burning reach of columned wax in the passage of a single night gained him another hundred years. Kallor claims to have "walked this land when the T'Lan Imass were children" at some stage in MoI. In MoI, the prologue dates back to the Fall, and the removal, if you like, or the Kallorian Empire by K'rul, by which time there are only 3 elder gods still active, so this must be long after the new prologue. 2013-08-02 “Kallor shrugged.
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The universe in which the story takes place is a shared creation of Steven When K'rul, Sister of the Cold Nights and Draconus came to kill Kallor, the latter (Kallor) burned the whole continent along with its citizens because "if I can't have it, no one shall". K'rul, shocked by the act, after cursing Kallor along with the others, he created a new warren and lifted/transferred the whole continent into this very warren (a.k.a. Imperial Warren) in order to let Jacuruku 4.

The Harder to  Nov 29, 2011 The Walking Dead Season 1 v Walking Dead Comic. So, I'm a great fan of Zombie Kallor impales him, and the Malazan legend dies.
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Serier: Malazan Book of the Fallen (8), World of Malaz (Book of the Fallen 8), In Darujhistan, the city of blue fire, it is said that love and death shall arrive dancing. But then, as Kallor would point out, someone was always saying something.

He'd found love, he'd been thinking for a while about how he needed to 'disappear' like other members of the old guard, and he hasn't shown up as one of the dead. This week we went over chapters 22-24, the end is near. We talk about Kurald Emurlahn, Kurald Galain, bridgeburners at Coral, and we talk about event that sh Alright, so I'm sure you've seen me pop up on a few posts now, doing my 2nd read through, 1st one was a decade ago.

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Coltaine's shepherding of 30,000 Malazan refugees across the Holy Desert Raraku is one long string of CMOA's for everyone involved. However, one particular example springs to mind. The refugee's path is blocked by a river and an enemy army is closing in on them swiftly from behind. Eventually they find a place to ford it but the water is so

Kallor himself gets his shortly afterwards, when Orfantal, a freakin' dragon, swoops in and carries him off in revenge for the death of his sister's lover. Kallor's response? He stabs Orfantal in the head, causing them both to crash. And survives. He doesn't even manage to scratch Kallor, yet his sheer determination is awe-inspiring. Kallor himself gets his shortly afterwards, when Orfantal, a freakin' dragon, swoops in and carries him off in revenge for the death of his sister's lover. Kallor's response?

The Malazan Book of the Fallen proper begins with the Malazan Empire attempting to conquer the continent of Genabackis in the face of stiff resistance from the native Free Cities, allied to the Tiste Andii led by Anomander Rake, the mercenary army led by the Warlord, Caladan Brood, and the rebel Quon Talian army known as the Crimson Guard, under Prince K'azz D'Avore.

Kruppe is a blatant example.

There's a great scene in BaB where whoever the PoV character was ends up in seeing ghosts reenact there last few moments before they're killed by the fall of TCG, and the ghosts mention their love for King Kallor. Does anyone remember what happened to Kallor? I have been rereading from the start, and I cannot remember what happened to his desiccated ass. (also all online resources are not filling in the last few books.